Why is Pro Photography Important?

May 22, 2017

We know that the first thing that attracts a buyer to your home is the listing photos! Nowadays, home buyers browse on-line before they make an appointment to visit a home.   With all the homes available, your house needs to really stand out from the crowd to attract the attention of a prospective buyer. Photos need to show your home at its very best so that prospective buyers will book a showing.

You probably aren’t surprised that most listings do better with professional photos. One reason is that a home with better photos gets more people to come and look at it sooner, and therefore it spends less time on the market!

"The Wall Street Journal reports that only 15% of listings incorporate higher-end photography."

So using a Realtor® who uses a professional photographer like BrucePeter Photography, helps your home stand out!

So what does a professional architectural photographer do that you or your Realtor® can’t do? When our photographer shoots a house, he brings professional grade camera equipment with specialized lenses which can be adjusted to meet the needs of your home in regards to the lighting and the size of the space.

They also bring in several  lights, reflectors, a tripod, and more. They use this equipment to keep your photos level and evenly lit.   A point-and-shoot camera, or even a DSLR with an on-camera flash, cannot handle the lighting needs of your home and will often expose for the windows, leaving the interior of your home looking dark and drab.   Home buyers want to see brightly lit homes and all the details of the space inside.  Our photographer specializes in architectural photography and treats every home as though the images were appearing in a magazine.

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